Advantages of Using WordPress as Our CMS

What do USA Today, the New York Observer, CBS Local, NBC and CNN all have in common?  They all use WordPress as their CMS [1].  The top web developers for these large corporations are not the only ones using WordPress.   Let's look at what the advantages of using WordPress are.

According to W3Techs, as of August 2018, 31.8% of all websites use WordPress as their CMS. WordPress is way ahead of other CMS platforms like Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal and Shopify.

31.8% of all websites use WordPress as their CMS.

 Why is WordPress So Popular?

So what is it about the WordPress CMS and why do so many use it to power their websites?  The first thing we need to understand is what a CMS is.  A CMS has 2 components.  The first is the structure that can be changed to meet the needs of a client.  The structure is typically set up by a web designer or developer.  The second component is what is called the front end and is the part where updates are made to pages or products.  This part is typically done by the end user who may not have any web design experience.

The great thing about WordPress is that it excels in both of these areas.  The structural part is extremely flexible and well built.  A good web developer/designer can use WordPress as a framework to build any kind of website on.  And because the framework has been built by some of the top web developers in the world, we are building on a very solid foundation.  The security and quality of coding is second to none.

It's Easy to Use

The end user can take advantage of a very "Word Processor" like interface.  There is no more downloading, modifying, and uploading files to your site like I used to do.  For a client to make a change, all they do is sign in and modify the web page, much the same as they would with a word processor. With WordPress powering over 75 million sites on the web, it must be easy to use!

We use WordPress for all the small business websites we design.

Efficient and Adaptable

Even though WordPress powers such a large percentage of websites, the company itself has remained very streamlined and efficient.  The number of WordPress employees is currently 514 [3].  This compares to 11,600 for eBay, 14,495 for Facebook and 230,800 for Amazon.  What this means is that it is much easier for them to adapt to the changing needs on the web (and as we know, these needs change by the day).

I used to work for GM, so I know all too well the disadvantages of trying to keep current with a company that has a huge number of employees.  That they are relentlessly current is also seen in the fact that they release a new major version on average, every 152 days [4].  This is a remarkable achievement and having been using them since 2007, we have seen that they are always on the cutting edge of every web trend.

No Need to Learn Code

So the bottom line is that all the things you don't have time for (learning to code, following the latest web trends, keeping up with security standards, etc) are taken care of for you and making updates to your content is a breeze.  This is why we proudly use the WordPress CMS for all of our web design projects.

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