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There are some essential elements to charity web design to make it effective. A charity is no different than a business in that it wants to tell what they are all about and encourage people to take the action they desire. Let's look at some of the important aspects of web design to include.

A Professional Design

We recognize that charities and non-profits are on a budget, and that you want to be good stewards of the funds you have. That is completely understandable. However, skimping on having a professional web design created can cost you in the long run.

A charity wants to attract donors. While the cause is the most important criteria for deciding whether someone will donate or not to your organization, it's important to have an attractive professional web design for your charity. Make a good impression on those who visit your website and may be potential donors.

Easy Giving

Most charities look for donations to help support them. In order for this to happen, you need to make it very clear how someone can donate to your organization. Many will have a donation button in the top navigation. You can do something to make it stand out such as putting it at the far end of the nav bar or making it a colored button that can be clicked on.

You can also offer options for giving. Give a physical address where someone can send a check. Have online giving ability on your website. You can use Paypal or another payment option.

Quality Photos

Use high quality photos on your site that are representative of your charity. If at all possible, use real-life pictures of events, etc. that gives your web visitors a good snapshot of who you are and what you are about.

Be sure if you have pictures that include people in them that you have their permission to be used on the site.

Stock photos can be used if they represent your charity well.

Clear Navigation

Clear navigation is essential for any website. With charity web design, it's no different. Lead your visitors to the pages you want them to visit.

Include the most popular and important pages in the navigation. Don't make people hunt for what they want to know. Make it easy for them to find what they need.

Events Calendar

If your charity has a good number of events, you may want to have a calendar on the website.  This makes it easy for people who want to attend your events to find out when they are, the location, etc.

Important Tip: If you do opt for an event calendar, make sure to keep it up-to-date. This lets people know you are there, active, and that the charity is important.

SSL Certificate for Security

Make sure your website shows secure to your web visitors. That is a must today. It will involve having an SSL certificate, which good hosting companies provide. This is vital in today's "scammy" world, especially if you are going to be taking donations online.

Putting it All Together

When trying to decide what you want to put on the website, take a step back and try to look at your charity from an outsider's eyes. What questions would they have? Make sure you give them the answers they need on the site. You are very involved in your organization, so it becomes second-nature to you. However, it may be all new to your visitors and you want to explain who you are, what your purpose/mission is, when the organization started, etc.

Remember that your website may be the first (or only) interaction someone has with your charity. Make sure they know what you want them to know and to do.

We have some nice templates for charities. Take a look at and click on "charity."

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