Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Do I need an SSL certificate on my website?  In the following article, we will discuss why SSL is something you will want to consider.

Do I need an SSL certificate?  While for the present time, an SSL certificate is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.  If you host your website with us, an SSL certificate is included.  Regardless of who you host your website with, it is important to make sure that you also get an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Cerificate?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer.  This added layer encrypts all communication between your web browser and the website server.  This means that if you take payment information on your site, all credit card information will be in code form and much harder for hackers to steal.  The same is true for any information exchanged through website forms.

Benefits of SSL

  • Website Security

    As explained above, all the information that is exchanged between a web browser and the we server is encrypted and much safer than a website not equipped with SSL.

  • Visitor Trust

    When your website has an SSL certificate, the domain name will show with https (s meaning secure) and a green padlock next to it.  Also, beginning in July of 2018, Google has announced that its Chrome browser mark all websites not using SSL as "Not Secure".  And as 60% of the web uses Chrome, this should be very concerning.  One of the number one goals of every business owner is to gain the trust of their customers.  Seeing "Not Secure" next to your domain name will definitely have a negative affect on your brand trust. 

  • Website Page Rank

    In August of 2014, Google announced that SSL would be one of its ranking factors.  While not the most important factors, wise website owners will take every advantage they can to rank higher in Google searches. 


While at this time you are not required to have an SSL certificate, it is highly recommended that you have one.  As explained above, an SSL will make your website more secure, increase visitor trust and help you to rank higher on search engines.  For more information about how you can get an SSL certificate, you can contact us.

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