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Every small business owner is looking for ways to lower expenses but cheap email hosting may wind up causing pain down the road.  The cheapest way to host your email is on the same server as your website.  Some website hosting companies allow you to do this for free.   As we will see in this article, this solution is not ideal.

Why Free Isn't Always Best

When email is hosted on the same server as the website, there are limitations.  Your website server often has a limit to the file size of what can be stored on it.  This includes all of your website files, media and email if they are stored there.  This means that you may have only a small amount of room for each email account.  This is especially true if your organization has a large number of email accounts.

Another limitation is most website hosting companies will limit the amount of emails you can send on a group email sending.  The level of spam protection is often not as sophistacated as a server that is made and configured for email hosting.

What Email Host do we Recommend

There are three email hosting services that we have found to offer high quality solutions.  The first company is Rackspace.  They have a team there that is dedicated to email support and has expertise in this area and they have 3 plans to choose from.  They will also be able to help you migrate your current email accounts over to them.  They do have a requirement of 5 email accounts minimum so that is something to keep in mind.

The second service we recommend is Gsuite.  They also have a support team that offers phone support 24/7.  The third service we have found to be high quality is GoDaddy.


Email is always best when using a server platform that has been made for email and serviced by people who specialize in it.  Transferring email can also be a challenge so you will not want to be forced to do this every time you change website hosting or change you website server.

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