Food Web Design

Food Web Design Needs to be Appetizing

Food web design can include many types of websites. Restaurants and food/recipe blogs top the list. What's different about food website design than other web design? Let's take a look.

Restaurant Web Design

Designing a website for a restaurant requires a good way to display menus and also a way to order online. These are not your everyday functions of a website, so your designer will need the ability to do both of these elements.

Restaurant web design also needs lots of attractive, inviting photos of the food the restaurant offers. People like a visualization of what they will find when they visit, and your website is the perfect place to entice them to come by. Below are a couple of samples of designs we have for restaurants, which can be modified with your food, photos, etc.

Recipe/Food Blog Web Design

Recipe web design is very popular. There are tons of recipe sites, ranging from vegan/vegetarian to desserts, and everything in between. I get a lot of my vegan recipes from websites I have visited and bookmarked. Cookbooks are no longer my "go to" when I need a new idea. I head straight to one of my favorites recipe websites.

Food blogs usually also give information about the preparation involved in making the recipe, as well as photos of the finished product. While mine doesn't always look like the photo on the blog, it's nice to know what I'm aiming for!

Food blogs are a great place to build a community around the type of recipes offered on the website. I like to read through the comments to see how the recipe worked for those who have tried it. Many times, people will give tips on things they found helplful or ways to substitute certain ingredients that might be hard to find.

Below are a couple of designs we have. One is  for a food/recipe blog and the other for a winery. Again, they can be modified to fit your needs.

Colors should be bright and attractive. A good amount of white space should be incorporated to give the design a professional, clean look.

While there are basic elements to any good web design, food websites come with their own unique needs.

What's the biggest goal of food web design? You may have already guessed it. It has to be "appetizing" and invite the site's web visitors to either order online or visit in person.

Bon appétit!

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