Life Coach Web Design

Life Coach Web Design

Is life coach web design different from any other type of website design? Simple answer, yes. Let's see why.

A life coach website needs to convey feelings of trust and hope to your web visitors. People looking for a life coach are seeking to make a change in their life. Change equals hope. So, let's look a few elements that should be in place in the web design.

  • Colors

    Colors for a life coach website should encourage trust, hope, optimism and some excitement.

    Blues produce a calm and trusting impression. It can also convey sincerity. Think about what qualities you would look for in a life coach. You would want someone who you can trust and believe they are in it for your true good. Using some blues in the design may help with this.

    Yellows are associated with hope and happiness. It also adds some energy to the design. Yellow is the color of the sun, and doesn't the sun make you feel good? 

    Another color to consider is green. Green can represent new beginnings and growth (Smashing magazine) which seems quite appropriate for a life coach site.

    These colors, variations or combinations of them, are a good place to start when designing a life coach website.

  • About/Biography

    This is essential for any good life coach site. Your potential clients will want to read about you. Tell them what your background is, meaning experience as well as education. It's important for a life coach to demonstrate their qualifications and any specialty skills. Do you work with anyone, or just women, men or children? Explain this on your website.

    It might also be good giving a "brief" look into your personal life, such as what your interests are. People resonate with people they have something in common with. Obviously, don't get too personal, but a quick glance at who you are when you're not coaching can be helpful.

    Include a picture of yourself SMILING. Look friendly and approachable. This can be a headshot or a photo showing you doing something you like to do, such as hiking, cooking, etc. A couple of photos are great - one on the homepage and another on the About page. However, don't overdo it. I can remember being on the website of a coach and there were all kinds of pictures there of the coach. It made you wonder if this person was there to help her clients or to show how she looks and all she can do. Not a good idea.

  • Services and Skills

    It's a good idea to have a Services page. Your services may include coaching, speaking, or writing.

    Even if the only service you offer is life coaching, note it here. Tell specifically who you work with - mature women, youth, etc.

  • Testimonials

    Do you read testimonials/reviews when you're looking for someone to do a job for you? I do. I also read the reviews before I purchase a product.

    People like to hear how your coaching services have benefited others. This can go a long ways in the difference between them contacting you or moving on.

    If you don't already have testimonials, begin asking your clients for them. Many, if they feel you have made a positive difference in their life, will be more than happy to provide one for you to use on your website.

  • Contact Information

    Make it incredibly easy for your prospective clients to find how to contact you. At the very least, have a contact page as part of the navigation. Consider also including a phone number and email on the homepage, as well as in the footer that goes on every page.

  • Responsive Design

    Your website has to have a responsive design, meaning it will look good and work well on any size device. Many of your clients will be using their phone to do a search for life coaches, so make sure no content or images get cut off, etc. If you have your website professionally designed, this won't be a problem (as long as they are a good designer!)

Life Coaching

Are you a life coach who doesn't yet have a website or has one that is not bringing the results you hoped for? It may be time for a new website.

First thing to do is to look at your site through "2019 eyes." Are the colors and fonts attractive and make you want to stay on the site? Does your website have a clean, decluttered look? Web design trends for 2019 include a clean modern style and bright bold colors (and yes, blues and yellows can be bright and bold:-)

Life coach web design has specific elements. It would not be so important for a business owner who sells a product to give their biography; however, with a life coach, it's essential.

One thing I haven't stressed yet, but here it is. Make sure you have a professional web design. Don't try to do it yourself unless you were a web designer in your previous life. An unprofessional website will cost you clients, so make the investment in an attractive, professional web design. It will be worth it in the long run.

Below are a couple starter designs we have that would make beautiful life coach sites. We will modify them with your colors, content, images, logo, etc. Sections can be added or deleted. Or we'll do a completely custom look from scratch. Your choice.

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