Pet Website Design

Pet Website Design

Looking for professional pet website design? You've come to the right place. There is a lot of competition out there for offering pet services, so you need a website that will help you stand out from the crowd and tell your visitors that you are a professional that can take good care of their beloved pet.

Having said that, you can see that you don't want to have a homemade looking site or one that doesn't serve your web visitors well.

Design is Important

Pet website design is very important in connecting with your prospective clients. If you look at many appealing pet websites, you will see a common theme.


Vibrant colors - blues and reds seem to be very popular among pet websites.

Pictures of animals - you can use pictures of actual clients' pets or stock photos. Whichever you choose, make sure the images are clear and high quality.

Cheerful and fun - what's more fun than images of a bunch of dogs or cats playing and romping?

Easy, clear navigation - make it easy for your visitors to find what they need or they will go elsewhere (to your competitors.) Lead them through the site to the most popular pages and information.


These elements are very important in attracting new clients. You do not want a boring website - that will not appeal to pet owners.

The Design Basics

Your pet website design needs to include the following elements.


Your website is the perfect place to list the services you offer. Your visitors will want to know right off the bat if you can help them with the issues(s) they need help with.

Dog walkingAmong common services offered are:

If you are offering pet sitting, dog walking, or dog training, it's helpful to include a bio for yourself and any other staff you have. I know, when we were looking for a trainer for our little bichon frise, I always wanted to know something about the trainer, such as their experience and philosophy of training. A picture of yourself on the About or Bio page is also good to have.


I don't know about you, but I always read testimonials or reviews on people I am considering hiring. It doesn't matter if I want to hire a plumber or a dog trainer, I want to know the experience others have had with this person/company.

If you have a happy client, ask them to write you up a short testimonial that you can use on your website and social media pages. Good testimonials can help someone who is close to making a decision about hiring you go forward in the process.


Pet businesses are generally local, so include  your address if you have a brick and mortar business. If not, and you are offering services like pet sitting or dog walking, list the areas you serve.

Contact Information

Make it crystal clear how prospective clients can get in touch with you. List a phone number or email address.

A word of advice: Be sure to consistently check your email or phone for messages. If I leave a message and have to wait days for the person to get back to me, I've already written them off and gone on to someone else. Show that you are serious about building your business and making your customers happy.

Mobile Responsive

It's imperative that you have a responsive design and that your website looks and functions great on any size device. Many people will search on their phones for pet services. When they get to your website, you want it to show well and work great.

What Else Should You Include?

Depending on the kind of services you are offering, you may want to include some interesting and educational information for your visitors. Of course, you want to write about topics that pet owners want to know about. Some of these can include:

  • Pet Website DesignDog breed information
  • Pet health - there are lots of topics you can write about in this category
  • Pet food and nutrition
  • Socialization tips for your pet
  • Pet adoption

And the list goes on and on. You can write articles or have a blog where you can organize the posts into categories.

Having lots of good information on your pet website will, not only attract new clients, but it will help you in your search engine ranking. Google likes websites that offer great content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Speaking of search engine optimization (SEO), if you have a local pet business, you will want to optimize your site for local search. That's a whole other article, but you can do your own online search for how to do that or hire someone who knows about local SEO to help you out.

Some Pet Website Designs

Below are a couple of starter designs we have for pet websites. Each of them can be modified with your colors, content, images, logo, etc. Sections can be added or deleted. You will end up with a website that is unique to your business.


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