Professional Web Design Services

Professional Web Design Services

DIY vs Professional Web Design

Many small business owners who want to make wise use of their money, try building their own website instead of using a companty that offers professional web design services.  While it's a good idea to research this idea, their are many reasons why DIY, when it comes to web design, winds up costing much more money than the initial money you may save.

Short Story

Before I became a full time web designer, I was an engineer.  I worked with a man who had an invention he was trying to market.  He was very smart and talented and tried to do everything himself (including the website) in order to save money.  His invention (which had the potential to be successful) never got off the ground.  One of the reasons was that he tried to learn and do things he wasn't experienced in (like building a website).  Not only wasn't he experienced in them but he didn't have the time.  He had spread himself too thin.

That is the case with most small business owners.  Most are good at and very busy doing the things that pertain to their business.  Most also don't have the time to learn all the things that go into a professional web design.  When small business owners divert time from their business to learn the ins and outs of getting a website online, their business normally suffers.  Not only does it sap time from your business but the quality often is not what a good professional web designer can produce.

What are Professional Web Design Services?

What are the things a professional web designer does?  The world of web design is constantly changing and someone who is in the business keeps up on what the latest technologies and trends are.  There are many tools that can be used to build a website and each one has advantages and disadvantages.  Services like WordPress, Wix, Squarepace, Joomla, Shopify and Woocommerce to name a few all do things differently.  While it's possible to research some of these, it's often an insumountable job to do in your spare time.  A professional web designer lives in this world every day and becomes familiar with what the best tools are to accomplish different tasks.

The services I mentioned above are only for the website itself.  There is also website hosting, email hosting, email marketing, graphic editing, etc that needs to be considered in order to make a web presence (and your business) successful.

We often talk to talented small business owners who have tried to do tasks on their own and wind up spending hours (or days) on things we do every day and can often do in minutes.

A good professional web designer keeps up on the latest design trends and knows web hosting services that perform at a high level and are secure.  They know how to maintain and keep website software up to date and running smoothly.  Good designers keep up on best SEO (search engine optimization) practices and know how to make your website more visible to Google and ultimately, your potential clients and customers.

Professionals also understand the importance of and how to achieve a truly mobile responsive design that will wow your website visitors on every device.  Full time Web Designers understand the importance of an SSL certificate and how it makes a good impression on website visitors as well as make you website more secure.  They are up on UX (user experience) and know how to make your website a pleasant experience for your visitors and easy for them to access your goods and services.

These are some of the things that need to be undertood in order to make your web presence what it needs to be to attract potential customers to your business.


Can you build a website without making use of professional web design services?  Yes you can, but we have seen all to often that not only does it take time from what you do best, but the quality of the website suffers too.  Your website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business.  If your website is not modern and up to date, your competition has an advantage.

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