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Restaurant website design is in a class of its own. A restaurant website has specific needs that a standard website does not such as a nice menu display and the ability to take online reservations.

Most people will visit a restaurant's website before they make the decision to come and dine there. I know we do if we have never been there before. We want to check out the dining choices as well as the prices before we come in person. Now, to be honest, if the restaurant does not offer the type of food we like we won't go regardless of how awesome their website might be. However, all things being equal, if it's between two restaurants that offer the same kind of food, we are likely to go to the one that has the best website. It gives us a better feeling about eating there.

We are probably not alone in feeling like this. Most people may judge a restaurant based first on their website appearance and ease of use. You don't want to lose a customer before they even come and eat there! It's essential that you have a professional eye-catching website that is easy for people to find out where you are located, the menu and how they can order online. If their first impression is a frustrating one, you will never see them walk through your door.

When we design a restaurant website, we can make it so that you can display photos of your food or not. If you are a smaller restaurant, you may not want this feature, which is absolutely fine. We can create a very simple website or a high-end one, whichever fits your restaurant best.

If you do go with photos of your food offerings, professional high quality pictures are a must! Your pictures have to entice someone to want to come and try it for themselves.

Today, people will be driving around, get hungry and use their phone to search for a place to stop and eat. It's imperative that your website be mobile responsive, meaning it will look good and function well on any size device. All of our websites that we design are mobile responsive.

Fast loading websites are essential! If your website loads slowly, people won't wait around. They will be off to another restaurant website that has a fast load speed and will end up going there to eat instead. A website that has a lot of pictures has the potential to be very slow loading. We will optimize your photos so that doesn't happen.

Bottom line is...your restaurant website needs to be attractive, professional, fast=loading with high quality photos (if you opt to use pictures of your offerings.) Anything less may very well result in loss of customers.

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