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Web Design Services for Small Business

We offer web design services for small business. If you are not a small business, we are very happy to work with you, whether you are a non-profit, ministry, or larger business. We have designed many websites for churches and ministries as well, and enjoy working with these organizations. Small businesses do tend  to be our target market. Let me explain why.

Small Businesses Have Smaller Budgets

We are a husband and wife team, so we understand that small business owners are working with a limited budget. They simply don't have the resources that a larger company does. We want to help! Of course, we also have to make a living, but we try to keep our prices manageable for small business owners. This is helpful to you in the following ways.

We use open source or commercially available software packages to build our websites. These packages are free or very reasonably priced.  The alternative is to hire a team of developers to develop proprietary software packages.  Some of our competitors do this and then have to charge thousands of dollars for the same services we can offer for hundreds.

Also by using open source and commercially available software, our clients are not locked into a proprietary service that only one company offers or will be able to update or fix.

Other advantages we have by using the software we do are quality and security.  For instance, the framework that we build all of our websites on is WordPress.  WordPress is open source and is used by about 34% of all websites (Kinsta) on the internet.  This means that hundreds of developers are involved in every change and all of the testing that goes into making sure it works properly and is secure.  Proprietary packages may only have a few.

We also love the flexibility WordPress offers. It allows us to build websites that give all the functionality our clients need.

Small business websites normally don't need all the bells and whistles that some larger companies opt for. So, if you don't need them, why pay for them?

We have found that a small business needs a professional website that works well and makes it easy for their visitors to find what they are looking for. Those are the main elements of a small business website.

Working with small business owners, we are able to come up with a price point that is customized to their particular project. We are not a "one size fits all" type of web design service.

Offering A Personal Touch

We have always loved being able to offer our clients a personal touch, meaning they work directly with us, the designers/developers. There are no middlemen. Our clients appreciate this Personal servicebecause there is no misinterpretation of what they want. We talk with them to find out about their business and what they want their website to look like. It's a very personal approach.

When we take on a project, we devote ourselves to it. We do work simultaneously on multiple websites at a time, however, we are very attentive to the clients we are working with. We schedule our projects so that our clients are not waiting months on end to see their website completed. We understand that you want to get up and going as soon as possible, and that is our goal.

Whether we are offering web design services for small or bigger business, there are a couple of things we always do.

    1. Custom design - we believe that no matter what size business you have, you should have a unique custom website. Every business is different, so your website should be one of a kind and reflect the personality of your business.
    2. Responsive design - every website we build is mobile responsive. Today, as more and more people are doing online searches using their phone, it's a must that your website look and function great on any size device.

Small never means less important. We offer you high quality professional web design for your small business to make it stand out and give a great first impression to your web visitors.

Types of Small Business We Work With

We have worked with a variety of small businesses, some of which are golf, financial services,  food/recipes, home inspection, home buying, etc. We have designed author websites and do coach website design. We have worked with online businesses as well as those who have a physical location. As you can see, we have worked with a wide variety of businesses.

We love working with small business owners. They generally love what they do and have a vision for their business, which we become a part of when we create an awesome website for them.

What Do Our Services Include?

Our services include professional web design, basic SEO (search engine optimization), web hosting, and maintenance. That's really what a small business needs.

Our web design services for small business can help you have a beautiful online presence without breaking the bank. Contact us to make the investment in the future of your business.

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